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Fourth Child Licensed Café & Restaurant

Co-Pilot: (None – Flying Solo)

In February 2015 and 2016, AW Bull Marketing and Advertising implemented a social media marketing plan for a Fourthchild, a Gourmet Licensed Café & Restaurant. The social media marketing plan for 2015 utilized Titanium Orbital Flight Digital Marketing Package; whilst the 2016 campaign benefited from our Boosted Flight Digital Marketing Package. The focus of this campaign was on building the social media presence of the café through Facebook and Instagram; as well as generating real world bookings & increased website visitors. After analysing the utilizing high impact images of this cafés food and drinks, along with building digital momentum through the marketing of tent pole days (e.g. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick Day, Labour Day, etc.); this client was able to revive its brand digitally, smash previous trading day records and have a high ROI.

The 2015 social media marketing plan required extensive direct focus from AW Bull Marketing and Advertising, to build a strong social media presence. In 2016, as this clients business was already successfully placed in orbit last year, they benefited more from our Boosted Flight package; capitalizing on its lower cost.


  • ROI 75% - For every $200 they invested, we gave them back $350

  • Record breaking trading days in 2015 and 2016

  • 6 x Increase digital brand engagement

Aesthetic Landscapes

Co-Pilot: AD Marketing

For 12 Weeks, the company Aesthetic Landscapes engaged AD Marketing to manage a social media marketing and Google Advertising campaign. AD Marketing teamed up with AW Bull Marketing and Advertising for this project. AD Marketing handled the client management, website development and strategic direction; whilst AW Bull Marketing and Advertising managed the SEO, SEM / Google Advertising and Social Media Content Management (+Facebook Advertising). Over the 12 week Digital Marketing package; the goal was to generate social media buzz, generate more traffic to the website through Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising, and increase online enquiries.

The campaign was quite successful in achieving its objectives; with $1,750 for advertising budget; we generated the following results:


  • 1,500 New potential customers (on Facebook)

  • 30 X Increase in Digital Brand Awareness

  • 800% Increase in Online Sign-Ups for their paid landscaping package

  • A fully booked scheduled (for up to 6 months)

Australian Political Party

Co-Pilot: [A Federal Political Party] (Navigator)

During the 2016 Australian Federal Election, AW Bull Marketing and Advertising was engaged by an Australian Federal Political Party to manage QLD SEM / Google Advertising for their party and candidates. AW Bull Marketing and Advertising provided support, guidance and implementation of Google Advertisements for the Search and Display Network. Our experts tightened up the CTR, helping them maximize their limited budget and ensured that the advertisements were targeting the right people, at the right location.


This minor political party was able to increase its lower house vote by 1,000 – 2,000 votes per person; and have the 5th highest voted political party in the QLD Senate. Whilst AW Bull Marketing and Advertising does not take responsibility for this, we believe that our voluntary contribution helped maximize their online advertising.

AB Consultation & Counselling Service

Co-Pilot: (None – Flying Solo)

AB Consultation and Counselling Service, a new small psychological counselling service utilized AW Bull Marketing and Advertising’s digital marketing packaged ‘Orbital Flight Service – Graphene’ in June 2015. Over the 12 week campaign; AW Bull Marketing and Advertising provided the complete digital marketing package including: Facebook Marketing and Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, SEO & Content Writing for their website and graphic design for real world marketing material. All of these features were covered, complimentary as part of AW Bull Marketing and Advertising ‘Graphene’ Package.

This campaign aimed to build an audience for my client online amongst those who suffer from mental illness, their family & friends, and those working in the industry. The campaign had a socially conscious agenda; with a non-financial goal of destigmatizing mental health through social media and combatting psychologically detrimental content (i.e. negative posts from mental illness groups that only worsened sufferer’s conditions). The campaign included socially sharable images and memes, as well as intriguing content for the client’s website and videos for future sale.

As a result of our Digital marketing efforts, AB Consultation and Counselling were placed firmly into digital orbit, achieving:


  • 11 X Increase in digital brand awareness

  • 5 x Increase in online enquiries / sign-ups

  • Became the most popular Psychologist online in their city

  • Used this experience as a case study when AW Bull & AB Consultation & Counselling spoke that International Mental Health conference on ‘Using Digital Media to Improve Mental Health’

The success of this campaign has helped us retain AB Consultation & Counselling Services for over two years; with AW Bull Marketing and Advertising providing constant support for digital presence and providing marketing advice & guidance for their real world seminars (held multiple times throughout the year).

Upper Coomera Early Learning

Co-Pilot: AD Marketing

In March 2015, AW Bull Marketing & Advertising and our co-pilot for this flight (AD Marketing) developed a social media marketing plan that aimed to launch this business into the social media space with a social media marketing plan that focused on growth, brand building and increased localised sign-up and enquiries.

Through the use of engaging written content, formulated with the right mixture of SEO and entertainment; we utilized staff profiles, photos of the rooms the centre, events and inspirational educational pictures (based on images of the facility) to build interest for the business and to build brand credibility. As part of the campaign a new website was created that included a custom built landing page (constructed & designed by AD Marketing) geared toward increase online enquiries for enrolment. Content was added to this website to drive traffic to their custom built landing page / squeeze page.

The campaign lasted for 12 weeks, as part of our social media marketing and content writing package (A modified Titanium Orbital Flight Digital Marketing Package). The targeting was hyper-localised to within kilometres of Upper Coomera Early Learning Centre (exact geographic targeting utilised relative position of competitors and population centres for maximum effectiveness).

Special Considerations
As this campaign involved the use of the children photographs, approval was obtained for all photos taken by parents and as an added precaution to prevent online predators, all photos display children had their face & head digital pixelated (to prevent identification & potential exploitation). We are serious about child safety at AW Bull Marketing & Advertising; especially in social media marketing & the digital frontier.



  • 10 x Increase in hyper-localised Digital Brand Awareness

  • 12 x Increase in website traffic

  • 6 x Increase in online enquiries